Comprehensive Exam — Livonia, MI

Preferred Dental Group’s comprehensive exam is conducted by our dentists but with the added component of having the patient as an active participant in the discovery & learning process. Due to the growing evidence of the connection between dental health & overall health, we take our responsibility of caring for our patients very seriously & have created a “Gold Standard” exam to increase the patient’s understanding of & enthusiasm for their own dental health.

At each step, the patient is involved in the process as the dentist checks their existing dentistry, identifies areas of decay, evaluates condition of the fillings & discuss signs of teeth movement. During this “tour of the mouth”, the patient is questioned about their history, problems, etc. & is encouraged to ask questions.

Next, we educate the patient on periodontal disease – a precursor to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, etc., growth of bacterial plaque, the effect of calculi or tartar & damage caused by inflammation & bone loss are discussed with the patient. We also do a thorough charting of the pocket depths of gums so patients know exactly what their numbers are & what they mean. Other areas examined include soft tissue, occlusion, facial support & a personal smile evaluation.

We are gratified to know, through comments expressed by our patients, this exam is the best dental exam they have received & is truly an eye-opening experience. We hope you feel the same.


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